"Issues in World Literature" (1994)

Introduction, to accompany The Harper Collins World Reader, written with Sarah Bird Wright, 9-18, 1994.
Introduction: This collection of essays by specialists in world literature teaches us to care about theory as part of the teaching of literature. The essaysist tell us that, in reading widely across cultures, the work-a-day vocabulary of the humanities or literature class need to be reviewed, reconsidered, and redefined: worlds…
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"One Wanted Fifty Pairs of Eyes": Virginia Woolf and the Jews

Virginia Woolf Miscellany, 2012
What is it that different readers "hear" when Virginia Woolf writes about Jews--biographical and in fiction--before or after the horror of the Holocaust?
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“Part Of America Is Missing Literature Anthologies In The People S Republic Of China”

Long Wind Summer 2006
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"Hours In A Chinese Library Re Reading Virginia Woolf Bloomsbury And Modernism" (2007)

Diane Royer & Madelyn Detloff, ed. Virginia Woolf: Art, Education and Internationalism. Keynote Address, 17th Annual Virginia Woolf conference, June 7-10, 2007) Clemson UP, 2008, 8-16.

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“The Intimate Spaces Of Community J M Keynes And The Arts” (2007)

History of Political Economy Spring 2007, 292-317.
John Maynard Keynes early interest in the arts was nourished by a group of artistic friends who eventually became known as the Bloomsbury Group....
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