Elizabeth Bowen, A Literary Life (2019,2021)

with Layla Ferrandez Melero, sponsored by the Elizabeth Bowen Society, Podcast ยท Ep 3, April 2021.
"An interview with Patricia Laurence, author of Elizabeth Bowen: A Literary Life (2019). Laurence discusses the inception, development, challenges and structure of her book, as well as different aspects of Bowen’s life as a writer and woman. Among other topics, the biographer delves into Bowen’s work as a spy, her…
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Elizabeth Bowen, A Literary Life

with Emily Bloom, Columbia U &Kelly Sullivan, NYU, sponsored by Glucksman House, Columbia University Irish Seminar. Irish American Radio Hour: Miriam Nyhan, NYU Glucksman House
Interview upon publication of Elizabeth Bowen, A Literary Life. [youtube video='8INrcTH4h7M' /] www.nyuirish.net/radiohour
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Shape-Shifter: An Interview by Patricia Laurence

with Metis Publisher, Muge Sokman in Istanbul, Turkey. April 17, 2011.

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