Modernism and the Museum by Rupert Arrowsmith

Modernism/Modernity (May 2012).

The radical change in London's artists and writers in the years leading up to World War I can best be seen, Rpert Arrowsmith argues, as "an unprecendeted engagement and dialogue between tadition and the rest of the world." Yet the histories and literary and artistic studies of the period have, he notes, largely been written by scholars with little knowledge of cultures ourside of England. This lack of trans-cultural knowledge has led to "a distorted view of Modernism as essentially a European invention. Many studies of modernism are then geographically, culturally and aesthetically myopic....





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Rupert Richard Arrowsmith, Modernism and the Museum: Asian, African, and Pacific Art and the London Avant-Garde (Oxford English Monographs), 1st Ed. (2011).


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