"Mrs. Woolf and the Servants: An Intimate History of Domestic Life in Bloomsbury" by Alison Light (2008)

Virginia Woolf Miscellany 76, Fall- Winter 2009
Until Alison Light's book, most critics sympathetic to Woolf would sweep her views of servants under the carpet. Or deny their importance to understanding the literary work of modernism. But since the rise of new historicism and cultural studies, information about the obscure lives af servants and Woolf's view have…
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"Kapitoil: A Novel" by Teddy Wayne (2009)

Contemporary Review of Fiction, September 2010
Teddy Wayne like James Joyce plays freely with the grammatical infelicities of the English language in his engaging first novel....
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"Modernism and the Museum" by Rupert Arrowsmith (2011)

Modernism/Modernity, May 2012
The radical change in London's artists and writers in the years leading up to World War I can best be seen, Rpert Arrowsmith argues, as "an unprecendeted engagement and dialogue between tadition and the rest of the world." Yet the histories and literary and artistic studies of the period have,…
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"ROOM," Theatrical Adaptation of Virginal Woolf

March 17, 2011
Imagine a string of pearls–“moments of being”–from Woolf’s A Room of One’s Own and A Sketch of the Past strung together in a dramatic adaptation. This is the experience of attending Room, an admirable production mounted by the New York Women’s Project, under the direction of Ann Bogart, and adapted…
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