Vanessa Bell: Sketches in Pen and Ink, ed. Lia Giachero (Hogarth Press, 1977)

American Book Review, May-June 2000.

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"Virginia Woolf and Samuel Johnson: Common Readers" by Beth Carole Rosenberg (1996)

English Literature in Transition 39:3, 380-383. 1996.
Beth Carole Rosenberg argues that Samuel Johnson and Vriginia Woolf are in dialogue, and that this relation has been ignored in Woolf criticism Applying a paradigm of dialogic relations as developed by the Russian formalist, Mikhail Bakhtin, she isolates Johnson's influence in this densely argued book.
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"Modernism and the Culture of Market Society" by John Xiros Cooper" (2005)

English Literature in Transition 48: 3, 2005

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Listening In: Broadcasts, Speeches and Interviews, ed. Allan Hepburn (2010)

Journal of Modern Literature 35:2, 139-142. Winter 2012
If Elizabeth Bowen is a writer with whom we have to "catch up," Allan Hepburn's recent collections of her unpublished work will help us along that path. Bowen was a regular contibutor to the BBC from 1941-1973. And though Bowen is known mainly as an Anglo-Irish short story writer and…
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"O Fallen Angel" by Kate Zambreno (2009)

Contemporary Review of Fiction 2010
Kate Zambreno had written a literary triptych on the altar of modern American suburban life: "it's the American way the nuclear family and the nuclear bomb the white picket fence".....
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