The Reading Of Silence Virginia Woolf In The English Tradition

Stanford University Press, 1991, 1993.
I want to write a novel about Silence…the things people don’t say. But the difficulty is immense,” says a character in Virginia Woolf’s first novel, announcing Woolf’s life-long preoccupation with silence and the barrier between the sayable and the unsayable. In reading Woolf’s many silences–psychological, social, historical, philosophical–through a study…
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Lily Briscoe's Chinese Eyes Bloomsbury Modernism And China

Charleston, University of South Carolina Press, 2003.
Lily Briscoe’s Chinese Eyes traces the romance of Julian Bell, nephew of Virginia Woolf, and Ling Shuhua, a writer and painter Bell met while teaching at Wuhan University in China in 1935. Relying on a wide selection of previously unpublished writings, Patricia Laurence places Ling, often referred to as the…
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Chinese Translation: Lily Briscoe's Chinese Eyes

Shanghai Bookstore Publishing Company (Shanghai: China), 2008.

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