Elizabeth Bowen: A Literary Life

Palgrave Macmillan, 2019 (Recent)
Elizabeth Bowen: A Literary Life reinvents Bowen as a public intellectual, propagandist, spy, cultural ambassador, journalist, and essayist as well as a writer of fiction. Patricia Laurence counters the popular image of Bowen as a mannered, reserved Anglo-Irish writer and presents her as a bold, independent woman who took risks…
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Chinese Translation: Lily Briscoe's Chinese Eyes

hanghai Bookstore Publishing Company (Shanghai: China), 2008.

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Lily Briscoe's Chinese Eyes: Bloomsbury Modernism and China

Charleston, University of South Carolina Press, 2003.
Lily Briscoe’s Chinese Eyes traces the romance of Julian Bell, nephew of Virginia Woolf, and Ling Shuhua, a writer and painter Bell met while teaching at Wuhan University in China in 1935. Relying on a wide selection of previously unpublished writings, Patricia Laurence places Ling, often referred to as the…
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The Reading of Silence: Virginia Woolf in the English Tradition

Stanford University Press, 1991, 1993.
I want to write a novel about Silence…the things people don’t say. But the difficulty is immense,” says a character in Virginia Woolf’s first novel, announcing Woolf’s life-long preoccupation with silence and the barrier between the sayable and the unsayable. In reading Woolf’s many silences–psychological, social, historical, philosophical–through a study…
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